Digital marketing funnel metrics training

Free trial available No credit card required. For the first time, marketers can operate at speed without waiting on IT or business analysts to access the data they need.

With access to over out-of-the-box connections, connecting your sources to Funnel is a breeze. Click, connect and obtain all of your marketing data, in one place, and always up to date! Point and click your way to more meaningful data.

We understand that marketers have different preferences and requirements when it comes to creating dashboards and reports. Create reports and dashboards wherever you like. Not a developer?

digital marketing funnel metrics training

Not a problem! Funnel empowers the business user by removing the need for coding.

digital marketing funnel metrics training

Instead of submitting requests to IT for new integrations and mapping, connect and transform the data yourself in minutes. Our customer success team is available for consultation and creative problem solving. Help is always at hand! I have full control of advertising spend across all my ad channels and it saves me multiple hours a week. Anwar Ayad Online Marketing, tectake. Creating marketing reports can be demanding, with hours spent on data gathering and cleaning. These manual tasks are exhausting and take time from what really generates value.

Funnel's Data Core automates the boring part, so you can focus on finding actionable insights in your data and optimize your digital marketing activities. By using a Data Core like Funnel to centralize your marketing data, not only can you start reporting on ROAS, ROI and cross channel performance, but these reports are also generated automatically!

Tired of manual transformation and mapping in spreadsheets? Let Funnel take care of the heavy lifting for you.

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Just a reminder, using this tool will set a cookie on your device to remember your preferences. How it works Connect your data sources to Funnel Over sources available. Create meaningful data sets Without complex formulas or IT assistance. Show me how it works. Automated data collection With access to over out-of-the-box connections, connecting your sources to Funnel is a breeze. Your choice of visualization tool We understand that marketers have different preferences and requirements when it comes to creating dashboards and reports.

No coding required Not a developer? Read Our Case Studies. More time for analysis and campaign optimization Creating marketing reports can be demanding, with hours spent on data gathering and cleaning. Save time by normalizing fields and automating currency conversion Tired of manual transformation and mapping in spreadsheets? Benefits across the marketing department Digital Marketing Managers Dashboards automatically updated for efficient client reporting. No more data silos or manual data collection.B2B marketers spend a lot of time with metrics.

Between our longer sales cycles and data-packed martech stacks, there are plenty of numbers, figures, and facts to go around. The availability of these marketing metrics begs the question — how do we use them properly?

Which funnel stage do they measure? Are there some types of metrics that are more useful than others? Which piece of martech can generate which metrics? These questions are answered in the following B2B marketing matrix of funnel metrics. The infographic shows the funnel stage, the type of metric, and the source of the metric -- for 31 key B2B marketing metrics.

Prospect behavior like bounce rates, impressions, average time on site, and web traffic are measured by top-of-funnel metrics. When optimizing web pages or surveying the overall, surface-level health of a website, these metrics can be very helpful. However, when it comes to making mid-funnel decisions, these metrics have very little bearing on lead-stage decisions or conversion rate optimizations.

Middle-of-the-funnel metrics dive a little deeper into the data. Here you find open rates, lead volumes, lead scores, conversion rates, and click-throughs. Hence, these metrics help marketers optimize lead-stage strategies and gauge the performance of their efforts to move prospects through the funnel.

But do keep in mind that these metrics can outlive their usefulness, because they still provide limited information. Use bottom-of-the-funnel metrics to measure marketing performance at the opportunity and customer stages.

Funnel metrics near the end of the buying journey are arguably the most useful for two reasons. Second, marketers can use these metrics to make decisions throughout the entire funnel. By examining the down-funnel conversion rates of leads generated in earlier funnel stages, marketing activities can be better optimized.

If you know the opportunity-conversion rates of leads generated by a given channel or campaign, you can make decisions about how to reuse or improve those activities in the future. You can easily compare campaigns against each other based on their respective down-funnel results opportunities, customers, and revenue. Volume-based metrics show magnitude, but they often lack context and perspective.

Most of these metrics compare marketing budget spend with conversion results from specific activities, campaigns, or channels. Percentage-based metrics are often the most popular type of marketing metric, because they can be pivoted in multiple different ways. But it is important to note that percentage-based metrics that measure lower-funnel activities usually carry the most insights for decision-making.Do you know what a digital marketing funnel is?

Or how you can set up one to measure your digital marketing goals and customer purchase journeys? First, know this: You can monitor and measure every single step of your marketing process! And the best way to do so is to develop your own digital marketing funnel. Like the former, a digital marketing funnel helps you to analyse how well your customer conversion process is performing. From awareness to consideration to conversion to loyalty and finally advocacy.

Before we dive into the details of a digital funnel, let us first look at what it is, and why you need to build one. A digital marketing funnel is the series of online content channels which a user encounters as they move through different stages in their relationship with your brand:.

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Also known as a sales funnel, a digital marketing funnel often involves a process of lead nurturing and customer cultivation, and it looks at your entire customer buying journey.

On the contrary, it may take as many as 6 to 8 interactions the Rule of 7 before they whip out their credit cards or get ready to sign a contract with you.

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Next, a digital marketing funnel helps you to keep tabs on your marketing analytics at various steps of your customer relationship. This allows you to develop a systematic way of monitoring, tracking and optimizing your digital marketing channels, and determine how well your ads, social media posts, blog articles, landing pages, offers, emails, and instant messages are performing. Thirdly, a digital marketing funnel gives you a better view of your customer throughout the entire lead and customer nurturing process.

Using tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, or marketing automation software like Marketo, HubSpot, and Infusionsoft, it is possible to continually streamline and optimize your digital marketing process.

You can also tap on. In a sense, these 5-stages roughly map out to the different perception levels of a potential customer with your brand—from Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy, as shown below. Beyond the different stages, a digital marketing funnel would have the following:. This process is called lead nurturing. As shown in the diagram above, most of these visitors arrive at your website or landing page through the following actions:.

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The key here is to attract the most relevant and interested parties to visit your website or landing page. PS — You may want to advertise some of your best content by boosting them on social media.They worked. They were a viable marketing strategy because everyone had a fax machine, and used it on a daily basis. Looking for info on the B2B marketing funnel? Traditionally, it was a linear journey—buyers predictably passed through one stage at a time, like the template below:. The See-Think-Do-Care model is based on consumer intent and divides each stage into audience clusters.

Within this framework certain digital marketing platforms are better than others, depending on the intent:. The key to connecting with buyers at this stage of the funnel is simple: Make them aware of your product and the benefits it offers. Two main digital marketing strategies work better than the others—social media and display ads.

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Take a gander at these social media statistics :. The best part is that marketing yourself on social media is inexpensive, and you can have a lot of fun with it. This is your chance to show off your brand, show off your products and services, and develop a cohesive brand message. The other powerful top of the funnel marketing strategy is display ads. The power of display ads can be summed up with the cell phone theory:.

The cell phone theory comes from Duke University research on the human attention span. Later, those subliminal surroundings appear to already be familiar. The culmination of these efforts should result in brand recognition. While brand recognition and ad recall are easier to measure with social media than PPC, you should still see interest growing by engagement with your ads and visits to your website. This is where it gets tricky—the majority of consumer research happens in this stage, and the research and discovery loop takes them back and forth through different mediums.

While they enjoy learning about new products and services from brands, they hate being sold to. Nobody goes to page two, or on page three.

digital marketing funnel metrics training

What I recommend to target this audience is that you answer absolutely every question a potential customer might ask in the form of blogs, research papers, and features on your website. Make sure you optimize each piece of content for mobile SEO. This ties into SEO because you can mark up reviews on your website for search engines.A digital marketing sales funnel can help your business run more efficiently, and simplify the process of turning new visitors into lifelong customers.

Towards the end of this post, you can also view examples of digital marketing funnels for real-life scenarios.

A digital marketing funnel is a framework that is used to help generate website traffic and nurture that traffic until they become customers. A typical marketing sales funnel has four stages: Awareness, discovery, consideration, and conversion. There are a variety of different strategies you can employ to nurture and attract these visitors at different stages of the funnel. Stage 1 — Awareness: This is when a person first becomes aware of your business or website. This can occur through a wide variety of means including organic searchsocial media, word of mouth, email, press release, links from another website, and more.

Stage 2 — Discovery: During this phase, a visitor will start reading a few pages on your website, consume content, and learn more about your company and what you offer. Stage 3 — Consideration: This is when your visitors will spend more time reading your site, consuming your media, and even joining your email list. Stage 4 — Conversion: The conversion process can take some time, or it can be quick.

This includes the quality of your customer service, their satisfaction with the product, and communication post-sale. This includes new products you release, ongoing communication, like email, and continue making their lives better through your products and services.

A digital funnel can be very beneficial to your business. It can benefit your business in the following ways:. Get more targeted leads — With a funnel in place, the users who make it to the end of the funnel will be highly qualified.

A proper funnel is all about providing value, not a hard and direct sales process. Increased revenue — Most aspects of the digital marketing sales funnel can be automated, which means your business can make more sales with less effort.

There is no strict definition of a brand, but instead a variety of factors that contribute to a strong brand, like the appearance of branded searches, brand mentions, and more. Another important factor are brand mentions, which include nofollow links. These can be things like mentions of your brand name online, even without links.

Finally, we have branded search terms. If keywords like these have a decent volume, then it suggests to Google that you have a strong brand. This phase is often referred to as the top of the funnel tofu because your goal is to start getting as much traffic as possible. Your goal is to cast a wide net, get these people to your website, and into your funnel to see what converts and what audience segments respond to you more.

The different stages of your funnel will speak to different aspects of your target audience. The further your audience moves down your funnel, the more narrow your targeting will get. For example, if you have a website in the pet space, your top of the funnel will attract pet owners, or maybe even animal lovers in general. The further they move down the funnel, the more specific this will get. There are all kinds of different types of funnels you can create for different purposes.

A funnel for an eCommerce store whose goal is to boost product sales with paid ads will be different than a sales funnel for a course creator who is using long-form content to attract email subscribers and make a sale down the road. For example, you may have one funnel dedicated to getting more email subscribersanother funnel where the goal is more sales, an email funnel that sells a high-ticket product, and more. As you can see, there are all kinds of different conversion funnels you can create.

A lot of content during this stage is about generating awareness for your brand. In this stage, people are starting to really engage with your brand.We decided to share it here as well because we think you'll find value in it too. Let us know what you think in the comments! The latest in digital technology enables marketers to measure performance across all activities.

Yet, it's become a daunting task rather than an opportunity to continually assess and evolve strategies. As Paul Roetzer paulroetzer reminds us:. Marketing technology advances have made it easier and more affordable to connect activities to outcomes, but marketers are largely dropping the ball when it comes to monitoring, reporting, and improving performance. Source: Content Marketing Institute The Marketing Score Report shows that marketers rank key performance metrics KPIs with low scores across the funnel below.

Slide 32 of The Marketing Score Report. Enter tunnel-vision, goal-focused marketers. In an industry where time is your most valuable asset, marketers who have clearly defined goals and executive-level support will thrive. Smart objectives enable marketers to tie activities to KPIs, report on gaps in perceptions and performance, flag opportunities or challenges, and adjust strategies as needed in real time.

Marketing Score asks internal stakeholders marketers, executives and entrepreneurs to prioritize four overarching marketing goals:.

This question alone can be your most important conversation point when comparing stakeholder assessments across your organization. Remember that marketing goals must tie directly to business goals to be effective. Once goals are aligned and prioritized, evaluate remaining survey responses to look for gaps in perception and performance.

For example, if your executive team agrees that generating leads is your highest priority, yet overall rankings from the Lead Sources assessment Section 5 are weak, you know up front that the marketing team has a lot of building to do. With access to reporting metrics that can track the success of nearly any activity, how do marketers and leadership decide on primary KPIsor those that matter most to the overall success of a goal?

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For the example of a startup B2C flash sale retailer. Top KPIs might be owned audiences, website visitors, checkouts, conversion ratesand repeat purchases. Identify the 5 to 10 most important metrics to track overall marketing performance. These metrics, or prime KPIs, should align with the four overarching goals covered above. Clearly defined KPIs tied to goals, presented up front for buy-in from all relevant stakeholders, can propel strategy and standardize executive-level performance reports.

What is a digital marketing sales funnel and why is important?

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The Modern Digital Marketing Funnel: Explained

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